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Cooking struggles in Cretan folktales: Undermining patriarchy & forging solidarity among women


Finally, the full text of the conference paper is available online



The paper is part of a larger research project concerning grassroots economics, i.e. theory and practice, which exist among everyday people and communities, in spaces which are more informed by everyday communal life and/or social movements than by established economic thinking. Folktales, therefore, are one among the sources I use for learning and  understanding grassroots economics.
In this paper, I analyse folktales within the framework of capitalist patriarchy having in mind that the folktales draw ideas and resistance stories from social struggles and  arrangements that might be non-capitalist and/or non-patriarchal at the same time. My case studies are various folktales from the island of Crete, Greece, and the main research question is how kitchen work performed by women is valued and perceived through local folktales and how the folk narratives of women’s kitchen tasks raise issues about the possibilities for fighting back patriarchal rules and enhancing solidarity among women.
The next section presents the theoretical framework of analysis and section three explains how folktales function as sources of grassroots economics. The research questions and the method of analysis are presented in section four and section five examines the main themes emerging in Cretan folktales with reference to women’s work and action in the kitchen. In section six I discuss how the themes answer or illustrate better the research questions and the concluding remarks are presented in section seven.


Who’s counting? Marilyn Waring on Sex, Lies & Global Economics – Ποιός μετράει; Η Μέριλυν Γουόρινγκ για το Φύλο, τα Ψέμματα και τα Παγκόσμια Οικονομικά


Ντοκυμανταίρ για την παγκόσμια οικονομία και ένα μικρό λαθάκι στο μέτρημα: τίνος η δουλειά μετράει τελικά; εκείνου που μετράει και όχι εκείνης που της μετράνε τη δουλειά.

Το βίντεο το βρήκε η Δρ Φερντά Ντονμέζ-Άτμπασι (Πανεπιστήμιο της Άγκυρας).

Documentary about global economy and a little tiny error in counting: whose work counts at the end of the day? the one’s who counts and not the one’s whose work is counted.

The video has been contributed by Dr Ferda Dönmez-Atbaşı (Unıversity of Ankara).


Νέα από το Σήατακ -News from Seatac


Some months only after raising the minimum wage in Seatac, it seems that we have a real multiplier effect. Instead of an economic collapse as neoliberals predicted, we have growth, employment & income growth (although we need to see how this is done, yes, i am not a keynesian). Isnt’ it curious, that the only economic theory that has not any such success to show is the neoliberal?

Μερικούς μήνες αφότου αυξήθηκε ο κατώτατος μισθός στο Σήατακ, φαίνεται ότι έχουμε πραγματικό φαινόμενο πολλαπλασιαστή. Αντί οικονομικής κατάρρευσης όπως προέβλεπαν οι νεοφιλελεύθεροι, έχουμε μεγέθυνση, μεγέθυνση απασχόλησης και εισοδήματος (αν και χρειάζεται να δούμε πώς γίνεται αυτό, ναι, δεν είμαι κεϋνσιανή). Δεν είναι περίεργο, που η μόνη οικονομική θεωρία που δεν έχει να δείξει τέτοια επιτυχία είναι η νεοφιλελεύθερη;